(Senior) Consultant (m/f/d) Sustainability & ESG

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Created by Birgit Engler
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Birgit Engler
(Head of Sustainability @Porsche Consulting GmbH)
München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg Porsche Consulting GmbH Mid Full time 500-1k Service

Must have

Professional focus on sustainability
Bachelor's/Master's degree in relevant fields
At least 2 years of work experience
Distinct customer focus
Good understanding of business contexts
Willingness to travel
Fluent English
Fluent German

Nice to have

Consulting Experience
Experience in cross-functional teams
Experience in leadership of teams
Other languages
Software knowledge in the context of sustainability

Methods and tools

Agile management




Knowledge management

Own Wiki

Daily Tasks

Advising our clients' top management on the development and implementation of sustainability strategies

Definition and implementation of sustainability concepts along the entire value chain

Integration of sustainability into the business processes of companies in various industries

Development and implementation of sustainable business models

Measurement of sustainability performance and creation of transparency (ESG)

Professional leadership of the consulting and client team in the project context

Continuous development of innovative consulting products/methods

Support for internal qualification and management of the company-wide community

Support with acquisitions

Strengthening external perception through the development of publications in the context of sustainability

Equipment supplied






1 Monitor

Perks and Benefits

Regular personal development meetings

Opportunities for career development

Mobile office opportunities

Home Office

Flexible working hours

Private usage for hardware

Open feedback culture

Learning accounts


Support with MBA and PHD programs

Attractive compensation


Mentoring program

Warm up program for new employees

"Job Rad" Bike Leasing

Porsche/VW car leasing

Team events (e.g. Canyoning, Sailing, Ski) & annual Porsche Consulting Weekend

Free choice of office location

"Job Rad" Bike Leasing

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What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy being outside, either for a walk, hiking, skiing in winter or also exploring new cities and sightseeing places. In the evenings I like to go dancing Salsa and other latin dances and really work off my energy. I am a passionate photographer and sometimes get up at 4 in the morning to catch a shooting star or lightning. I always have my camera ready to capture the beauty of nature or the little things that are easily overlooked.

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Are you leather shoes or a pair of sneakers?

What about High Heels? ;-) Ok, sneakers are also a good fit to casual business outfits and in some occasions we need to dress-up in a classical way with suit/costume and business (leather) shoes.

What are you currently challenging yourself with (work-related)?

We started working systematically with our clients on sustainability projects about 4 years ago. In the meantime, we are well established in all industries, but there is still a lot to do. Unfortunately, one challenge is still to convince decision makers that sustainability is not a marketing campaign or a cost-cutting program, but an investment in the future. We want to help our clients to create credible impact and want to continue to expand our team. Getting the right people on board of our growing business is also a challenge, but I see a growing interest from candidates to support clients in their sustainability transformation and work on project with a sustainability purpose.

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What is the most important attribute an applicant must have to be successful in your company?

We are a people business and the ability to work in a team is a major success factor. Therefore, personal fit plays a decisive role in arriving at the team, building up networks and developing the best solutions together. In addition to the personal attitude of wanting to make a difference, it is also important to provide customers with professional food for thought – beyond the obvious - and to support them methodically in the project. Furthermore, enthusiasm, perseverance and transferability are also valuable characteristics.

How would you describe your company culture?

I am often asked what still keeps me at Porsche Consulting after more than 15 years. I've known the company since 2001 as an intern, and a lot has changed since then. Today I am a partner and global head of sustainability and have seen a growth from less than 50 employees to more than 800, from one location near Zuffenhausen to 12 sites in vibrant locations around the world, from lean management to strategic transformation for all industries. But what has remained attractive since then, is the variety that this job offers me, and the unique corporate culture characterized by passion & enthusiasm, collegiality & familiar atmosphere on and outside the job, demanding, varied & value-adding work, a high level of responsibility & self-determination, sportsmanship & team spirit to striving together for success, lifelong learning, perspectives. And beyond that, we have a lot of fun working together and also celebrating.

Do you work in 'Cross-Functional' teams? If so, what roles do these teams consist of?

Of course. Cross-functional and diverse teams are a key factor for successful projects and satisfied customers - and of course it is also more enjoyable for the team members to work in such an environment. For example, industry experts work closely with our subject matter experts, and the mix of different age groups, characters, backgrounds, gender is also an enrichment for everyone.

What does good leadership mean to you?

Good leadership must take into account the specific guidance needs of employees. For me there is no “one-fits-all” approach in leadership. Regular and honest feedback on the employees' and the leaders’ ambitions and performance, as well as on strengths and areas for development, is a foundation of good leadership and enables targeted further development and achievement of our common goals. This requires trust and the transfer of responsibility, honesty and understanding, but also clear goals, binding guidelines, and rules.

What were the biggest learning highlights of your leadership career so far?

In consulting, I always liked the fact that you can make a difference and work for improvements. For me, there are several lessons learned, not only with regards to leadership: 1. Be yourself! You should stay true to yourself and not try to be someone else or copy others. Authenticity is the basis of good cooperation and trust in our very personal business. 2. Be honest! Nobody is perfect and it is super sympathetic if you don't know everything and are honest about it. Of course you should continuously acquire knowledge, but it is even more important to call in experts for specific questions and to bundle knowledge and competence as a team. 3. Be cooperative: Networks and cooperation help everyone in the long run. Keeping knowledge to yourself might only help in the short run. But all can win together if we collaborate. I would like to highlight our women's network "Women@CO", which a great platform for learning, supporting each other and pooling our experience and expertise, especially in the rather male-dominated consulting world. It helps our young female colleagues to generate visibility within the company, to find like-minded people and supporters and to pursue one's own goals confidently and consistently.