Are you leather shoes or a pair of sneakers?

Depends on the weather and the target I'm going to. Choosing the right material for the right purpose makes the difference.

What do you think about the term 'Work-Life-Balance'?

Even that I think it is already a popular bashword in modern industries, I like the core of it. It is not about having an concrete split between business life and private life. I see the key for success more understanding work as a part of life, which is taking a reasonable part of it AND should be in a good balance to the rest of the individual life.

What does purposeful work mean to you?

A lot - I love to do things for a purpose and not for a number in a cell of a huge table.

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What is the most important attribute an applicant must have to be successful in your company?

Take responsibility for your role. Start initiatives in your profession, trust others with a different profession and have the courage to do things that matter.

How important are formal degrees or qualifications in a time when technologies are constantly changing and evolving?

Finally it is important what you can actual do. Whether you learned that somewhere or you are an autodidact, doesn't matter to much. More important is to make sure, that you really "know what you know" and also know what you not know.

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How would you describe your company culture?

Trial and error - a very effective way to learn - I call it a culture of failure. Don't wait for the magic to happen - let the magic happen. I love feedback - positive and constructive aspects.

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What does good leadership mean to you?

Enablement, my job is to enable/grow/develop you, that I become superfluous. I'm doing that by supporting you understanding the working enviroment, consulting you in development questions, sharing my insights, forming processes, etc.

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