If you could work one day in the shoes of someone else who would it be?

There's two people I'd like to switch roles with: First, Jan Frodeno is probably the most remarkable sports man when it comes to long distance triathlon. He's probably also gonna be the most well-known person to promote this sport. I could imagine to switch roles with him at least for 3-4 weeks to understand what it takes to be the world champion in triathlon. Second, I'd like to be in Bill Gate's position for one day and to learn how this man thinks and acts, manages his life and his thougths, works on new technologies and innovations, etc.

What do you like to do to unwind after work?

On the weekends you can find me either swimming, biking or running, as my biggest passion is triathlon. Otherwise, my wife and I like to do a lot outside, love to go out to eat and try new cuisines.

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What do you think your employees are saying about you when they are drinking a coffee in the break room?

I hope they say that I am motivating and easy to work with, that I recognize performance, and that I am both fair and respectful to each other.

A perfect working day looks like this ...

Good workout in the morning. Time to structure the day. Fewer, but more purposeful appointments with decisions. A pitch or staff meeting that goes well. Time for deep dive work. Surrounded by colleagues who can help you move forward with useful tips.

What is the most important attribute an applicant must have to be successful in your company?

I expect new colleagues to be curious and inquisitive and to be able to think outside the box. Expertise is one thing - intellectual transfer is another. A good dose of people skills. Independent work, but at the same time open and transparent communication.

Which three questions do you always ask during a job interview?

What interesting aspect about you is not on your CV that qualifies you for the role? What can we and our clients learn from you? How can you help us? What real hands-on experience do you bring to the table?

How important are formal degrees or qualifications in a time when technologies are constantly changing and evolving?

To be honest, I'm not that interested in specific degrees or titles, although I have a doctorate myself. With applicants, I pay more attention to personal history, practical experience and intellectual ability. As long as you don't work as a lawyer, where specific knowledge is required that you learn by heart, topics like sustainability require a constant curiosity to evolve and find new ideas/solutions for our clients.

How would you describe your management style?

I work cooperatively with our clients as well as with my teams on an equal footing. For me, it's not just about delegating tasks, but about looking together in the team to see who is best suited for a task. Nevertheless, as a project manager it is important for me to give the team leadership, structure and guidance in order not to lose sight of the project goal. Open, honest and transparent communication is particularly important to me. When it comes to making decisions, I like to get the professional experience of the consultants so that I have the best possible knowledge base.

B.A/M.A. in business or related field Relevant work experience in the sustainability space Passion for sustainability Leadership skills Project management German Strong customer focus Willingness to travel
Willingness to travel Professional focus on sustainability Bachelor's/Master's degree in relevant fields At least 2 years of work experience Distinct customer focus Good understanding of business contexts Fluent English Fluent German Willingness to travel